Friday, April 1, 2022

Everybody wants love.

But we do it poorly — clumsily, making mistake after mistake — and there are hills and valleys of joys and pains, but when you think about it, what do we call life without it, without our efforts, without giving and getting?

I do not mean the nuance and complexity of conditional vis-à-vis unconditional love — but a broader definition; you know, like overhearing a cheerful person greeting everyone with some joy in their voice that is genuine, like the advocate pleading for donations for their cause, their issue, their planet, their people, like the poet or the scientist striving for a better understanding with a few words on a page or creating magic in their laboratory — wanting to make something new, or to refine our understanding of the world, and each other, a little bit better.

Pandemics and strife — are life; they are the new abnormal. Wars and waring are not new — it’s as old as humanity, but that makes me wonder, is mankind? We have so many examples of unkindness and cruelty that we probably make better comparisons with the critter world — it’s about procreation and protection of the species, and it’s fighting for food, territory, mates and survival. We kid ourselves that we are above all that. We stand atop the food chain, the most wisdom packed into our brains from education and history, but we still crave all the same things.

Everybody needs love.

No joke.

No kidding …



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Mark Kolke

Mark Kolke

Daily blogger, speaker, recovered alcoholic, publisher, real estate, advocacy/seniors, empathy/people with disabilities, addictions.