When we realize something for the first time — the ‘obvious, “Why did I not notice?” things’ — there is a slow-motion reaction, from laughter at the absurdity through to comic rage about the stupidity of now knowing and, then, relief of knowing followed by assorted and sundry hand-wringing about knowing.

This new reality of realization has hit me recently, 50+ years late, and the elements are too numerous to mention here. It’s not about common sense vs. stupidity; it’s about not knowing what there was to know. But now I know. How I got this far in life without anyone else noticing is easy to understand now. Still, like anything that snaps the status quo’s rubber band, turning everything into upside-down mode is entirely different.

There is a story, and the telling strikes me as more straightforward than doing the work, but doing the work, I must.


Daily blogger, speaker, recovered alcoholic, publisher, real estate, advocacy/seniors, empathy/people with disabilities, addictions.

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