Mark Kolke
1 min readMar 23, 2022

How often have you reflected on your best business and personal relationships, unique projects and home runs, and innocent or innocuous beginning?

Unintended consequences are unintended.

So why do we do things in haste?

The call, the visit, the note — each so easily done, so simple and clear — are springboards to extraordinary things.

They are.

Not every time, but none are worth wasting.

Think about it.

These nuances arrive while we are listening and watching, follow-up questions we ask or thoughts someone else drops in an aside. These are the magic of conversation and meetings — rarely via Zoom and never falling from an email.

Such an opportunity came my way recently — too soon to tell if it will bear fruit, but already two relationships are because of it; and I’m talking about a lot of fruit.

Photo by Cody Engel on Unsplash

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